February 20, 2012

oh look! Mr Grim Reaper just passed smiling at me!


stress die me.

i don't even know where to start.

i finish work everyday looking like an 18-wheeler just ran over my face at 200km/h (though in reality it is obviously impossible) but i feel and look that way, i just cannot help it.

worst of, being away from home and having no one to express to but this pathetic post is even more pathetic.

not forgetting that suddenly you realize you're not even worth doing charity for, that particular person would rather gamble, donate or use up an amount of money at least or even more than for what a two-way budget ticket would cost. mahai.

adding salt to the wound, you realize as you get older, it's always just a form of courtesy that people sympathize for you. they don't literally mean what they say. if it would had been a life and death situation, they probably would have to be sorry overlooking my face in the coffin, just not this time. not yet.

so, trying to get a grip on myself in coping on every aspects of my life ('cept family, family's always good. blessed in a way i guess =/) while trying to de-stress by spending money compulsively and watching horrid gory movies of slitting throats to make meat pies from human meat. yumms.

i should be standing in Nick Cassidy's place - on the ledge.

oh gawd, let this be over.