April 05, 2010

A Yearly Affair

you know it's that time of the year when daddy brings out the precious XO Cognac and when we suddenly constitute to that percentage of the society that brings abundance of revenue to the BAT. it's the all soul's day, or how the chinese would call it, "cheng meng" or called differently depending on the certain dialects. a morning of preparations, burning of josstick and 'golden papers' and the hustle bustle of the jam. the only day in the year when u pay ur respects to the dead at their graves.

i can still remember those days with my great grandmother. she took good care of my brother and i each time mummy and daddy were out working even at the age of 70 over. i remember clearly waking up everyday to a cup of milo or a bowl of cereals set ready on the table throughout kindy and primary school. she always made sure we had something in our tummys before heading to school. she'd put on ours socks while we have our breakfast, and made sure my brother had 4 shiny gold coins of RM1 while i had 3 to go to school with, like little princes and princesses. yes, i must say i was very very blessed to actually go to school with RM3 for pocket money, thanks to daddy, mummy and great grannie dearest. i used to head right into her room every time i got home from school. nosing into what she was doing and playing with her rocking chair. she was the one i'd complain to, (yes, i'm full of complaints, even back when i was a little kid. lol) she was also the one who puts me to sleep during those nights when mummy had night shifts and daddy was out teaching or on diving trips. i'm thankful to actually have memories with the best great grannie ever though i didnt had the chance to meet great granpa. =) it has been 14 years now, please continue to watch over us from above alright? ♥

great grannie & yours truly

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