October 02, 2010

when i've met you,

I will remind myself that you're a gift and to treasure you and all that you will do as precious gemstones which are hard to come by.

I must remind myself that you need your time alone as well and not bug you to entertain me everyday.

I will learn to give in to you and not bite onto every argument cos it doesnt matter who wins at the end of the day.

I will put you first and revolve my world around you cos it'll make me happy when you are happy, knowing that it will all be worth.

I will try not to vent my anger and frustration on you at anytime cos you are no heavy duty object, not a punching bag.

I will learn to be more patient, complain less and communicate more.

I will try very hard not to make any comparisons cos everyone is different, each relationship is different.

but when you fall in ♥ with me, you will have to put up with

my endless need for attention, more than what an average girl needs,

the unpredictable PMS-es which sometimes i'm not even aware of,

my random lame-ness and childish antics which might be irritating,

sudden cravings for certain food - mainly desserts,

the love for road trips and getaways,

my 'last-child syndrome',

the tendency of being a perfectionist,

my delusions for fairy tales.

but when that day comes, i'll ♥ you with all my heart, i promise.

yours truly,
your future ♥


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