February 10, 2011

Owhh Meee Gawddd!

helllooooOOOooo world!

it has been donkey years since i've last blogged a proper post!! i know.. my bad.. =P

sooooo let's see now...

it has been 9 months and 21 days since i left uni for good! though sometimes i do miss the laid back life back there where time doesnt seem to have a limit. and ouh! the endless freedom! i could just go where i want, whenever i want. who would deny the benefits of being a student eh?

OUH! epic pic i found! my ghey boys back in first semester HAHAHAHAHA

it has been 4 months and 11 days since i was done with my internship and have been bumming around till now. all my other friends who have long graduated are already busy working respectively and here i am shaking legs and partying ;)

it has been 3 months and 18 days since my trip to Bali and it was awwesome! though the trip this time was a little less adventurous compared to my first time wayyy back when i was in high school? (that was like the greatest diving experience i had!), it was still a good trip, more to sight seeing and to places of interest.

it has been 1 month and 23 days since i fell in ♥ with the Lion City. the dazzling lights and on-the-go lifestyle, me so likey! nothing gets me going like stress does. mad, i know.. =) watch out Singapore! this puny ant is going to make her way through the PIE, AYE or ECP faster than a tortise would. HAHAHAAA

it has been a month and 3 days since i burried the hatched and made peace with, him. only after hearing about Mun Tatt's death, i realised that there isnt any point in holding grudges, the anger, hate and frustration as life is short and unpredictable. what happened in the past was the past, and i guess it happened for a reason. the casualties, i am =')

it has been 2 days since i'm down with fever!!!! it keeps coming and going. wtc wei =.="

time seems to just pass by like it's on fast forward mode.

someone please press 'pause'.



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