May 26, 2011

7 more days

I'm a bit surprised myself after days of rearranging my thoughts, battling between the sudden urge and rationality, setting aside my emotions and accessing the situation at it's current stage right now.

Things are just definitely not on my side, I can just feel it. Rather than continue to battle with myself over those conflicting feelings I decided to let fate decide for me. They say fate is in our hands but I guess I believe that it's all already 'pre planned' by the big guy up there. God creates chances for us and it's up to us to make choices. But again, the timings aren't right. Another sign that it isn't time I guess?

I can't tell how accurate are these conclusions I've drawn up to but after much thought, put aside the many excuses I make for myself,

I just want to see you just for once before I leave cos i miss that good close friendship we once shared.


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