November 28, 2011

daddy's girl

i can still clearly visualize that very night i bawled my eyes out; it was the second time daddy saw his grown little girl crying because that same boy hurt her feelings.

with a sad frown on his face, he told his little girl, "there is no use crying my girl, what is yours will come back to you in the end."

from then on, he was very lenient towards his little girl, just to ensure that his little girl would be happy once again.

he would watch movies on his lappie every weekend night to stay awake, waiting for his little girl to come home and yet did not complain or mention one bit about those awfully late nights which stretch throughout more than half a year.

he would pretend that he doesn't know about his little girl's misbehavior and let her get away with it.

he took her to Bali where she loved so much the first time she was there. hoping that the the sea waves and tranquil wonders of the underwater world would take away her sorrows and troubles.

he would treat her banana split, her all-time favourite dessert and take her out so she wouldn't feel lonely or confine herself in her room feeling miserable.

throughout the years, all he wanted was the best for his little girl. providing her the things she loves which are in his means.

and i'm blessed for that wonderful daddy, my papa dearest.


with love,


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