June 09, 2012

Growing Up

just sudden random non-coherent thoughts of mine; the quarter life crisis?

I remembered how much I wanted to grow up when I was a little girl. While I was still in primary school, I'd always imagine how I would be like donning those turquoise coloured uniforms. When the time finally came, I then kept visualizing how my life would be once I'm 21 instead. 

4 years had passed since that "great" 21. nothing.happen. it didn't rain cotton candy nor did I wake up to a rainbow in the sky every morning. life was still the same, just tougher. much, tougher.

21 in turn marks the start of reality slapping me hard right in the face, tasting the bitterness to what we call, life.

how i missed those times when all we worry about is, homework and exams, or for me at least.

I'm already a quarter of a century old and if I had to sum up my life story till date, I'd have writer's block right at the title line. I just wish time stood still. So much so that there's enough time to soak up every little joyous moments of our lives. But hell, no. It's freaking me out how time is like on fast forward x2 speed.

Brother dearest once gave me a very mathematical explanation to it. 

"Time Speed" felt per year = 1 year / total years lived

Another additional year of our lives would just be a decreasing fraction of the time felt as years go by. Hitting that big 3 would just be like taking the 30 storey lift up to the rooftop - just a push of a button away. 


I do wonder how things would be like if we all had made different choices.

First thing definitely, I'd imagine that we would have made it to the captain ball match all donned in red tops and black bottoms on that weekend. Half of us cheering our hearts out in full force while the other half of us roughed it out on the field like the teenagers we once were. that semester break would have been one of the best ones I might have had. would.have.been. :(

as much as I know there isn't a rewind button, can I bargain for a pause button then?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't exactly pause, but you can slow down and smell the roses, savour the moment. Keep precious moments with you as memories and you can replay them in your mind.

November 13, 2013 at 8:53 AM  
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