July 06, 2010

syndrome X

okay, it's high time i update on the past few crazily busy weeks. (warning, excessive photos ahead! credits to various cameras)

first off would be, Sonia darling's homecoming! i cant believe that it's been a year already since she last came home. it's really scary how time flies, everything still felt like it all happened just yesterday. i guess i just dont want to grow up. the faster time flies, the faster i'd have to mature and face the world as a grown adult. but i'll forever be that little Amy at heart. well that, is the downside of being the youngest child - the need for copious amount of attention, pampering and love. but anyways, homecomings always go with partying!

yea, i have a thing for the rocker-chick pose since it goes very well with my bling ;)

on another night of partying, darling & yours truly.

well of course it aint all about partying, i managed to had a great time catching up and having heart to heart talks with my darling by the beach one fine afternoon over fried calamari and french fries ♥ and also for some shopping at island in boxers!

then of course, the usual coffee sessions for gossips and what not.

.. and the laughter over makan session with the rest of the girls and their other halves (if applicable lol). i just cant help but to put up this photo of ming's new japanese tourist boyfriend! konichiwaaaaa~

apart from the wonderful time spent with the girls, work has been fun and yet boring at times. it can get so boring to the point that finding counter names of certain companies listed in the share market somehow became our favourite pastime. lucky for me, i've got a few partners to do lame things at the office. but generally, i love the people there! they're all so nice and fun. there's never a day at work that i dont laugh =)

work during the last week of June was half spent on helping my head of department, Jess's maid of honour to finish up all those little details of her wedding. from checking the table list to tying ribbons on the game cards. (refer to pic above) one thing that was new to me was the wedding vows printed out for the groom. among the 20 commandments of the wedding vows, these are the few which i like:

  • I will remember that I am your husband and that I love you. I will be kind to you. And I shall not let you wash the toilets.
  • I will appreciate you more and express it more often.

  • I will give you 30% of my salaries and bonuses. And I shall bear all your expenses on spa and facial treatments.

  • I will apologize more often, even if the hurt was unintentional. I know that since we are different people, it will be impossible not to hurt you at times, I will take responsibility, say, "I am sorry" and not accuse you of being overly sensitive.

  • I will not underestimate the power of small gestures, the special smile, the note, the small gift, the loving word. I will always kiss you every morning and every night before going to bed.

  • I will make our marriage a priority. I will find some time every day to spend with you alone, for at least a few moments. ♥
  • I will make every effort to go out with you, when possible, several times a month. I know all relationships need talking and time together. I know that the stronger the marriage, the more stable the family. I will make the effort to have a half yearly oversea trip together.
  • I will love you with all my heart! ♥

it's sweet and funny in a way. touching and yet hurtful, at least for me. so here are some photos of the wedding day for you all to feast your eyes upon.

the morning when the groom came over to "pick-up" his bride, he had to go through some semi-torturous games. and here you have it, the four pretty ladies with the 4 game cards all ready and waiting to be picked.

you could see the eagerness of the groom to see his bride, with the bridal bouquet in one hand and the wedding vows on the other, signed and witnessed. =)

at the garden wedding ♥

i love her gown! it's corset-like on the back and the details are just so beautiful!

the champagne pouring and toast during the dinner.

qian & i, the bubbly & cheerful angels of OSK. lols!

finally a near complete group photo of the penang dealing department.

i shall stop here first before i bore you all with too many pictures.. more updates soon (that is also if i remember what to update on.. lols) AND as always, much much more photos on fb. so stalk me. lol

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