June 21, 2010


some people are just irritating as hell, worse than a hangnail, more than an enormous pain in the ass and definitely more annoying than the endless sound of vuvuzelas!

i'm not interested, I Am Not Interested, I AM NOT INTERESTED AT ALL!!!

this level of annoyance and determination is not cute or at any point considered sweet at all.



on another note, i just found something that i never knew i had, or at least, forgotten about - an audio cd for the singing competition back in form 6. which apparently starts off with the karaoke version of Mandy Moore's Only Hope followed by Marina McBride's My Valentine, N'Sync's God Must Have Spent A Little More Time and then a whole bunch of classic love songs from the 90's and the early Y2k. the ones which i would have 'em in my dearest iPod shuffle baby when it was still alive =(

talk about how fast time flies, and that scares me.

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