June 07, 2010

wake up! wake up! wake up!

okay, so finally... about work.

let's see now.. if i can just arrange my memories collectively, first day of work is as always, which i'm sure applies for everyone as well, awkward. a totally new environment, new faces and new things to learn from! the only person i know in that 4-storey building and was also the one who interviewed me, is aparently dear soochie's mom! (i know.. penang can be that small right..) so the first day started off with the introduction tour. sooch's mom took another new staff and i around, introducing us to nearly every staff of all the departments. like how a mother would introduce their son/daughter-in-law to every single relative of the family at a wedding dinner.

"This is Ms. Amy, intern, dealings."

i lost count how many times sooch's mom had to repeat that sentence over and over again. lol after all that hoo-ha, i was then "dropped off" at my department. the place was a havoc! the phone lines kept ringing continously one after another, the staff were all either on the phone or shouting from one end to another for figures, market news can be heard from the televisions tuned to the bloomberg channel and loud chatter on politics and the economy from the elderly were all simultaneously happening! like crazy wei and i was just, lost. but after awhile, i got used to it and fine tuned it to the right decible. so now i dont find it noisy even one bit.. lols

after a few hours when everything settled down, i was then being introduced to each person of the dealings department which only consist of around 15 people. the head of department, Jessline was on leave so they had no idea what to do with me. lol the people there are hilarious and warm =) each one of them actually makes an effort to make me feel comfortable as part of their team. most of them are in their late twenties, pretty ladies and pretty boys as well =.=" where are my small-eyed hotties?! yes i know i'm a sucker for 'em. >.< ANYWAYS, the first week was a whee bit boring cos everyone was busy so i was practically either reading the newspaper or staring into space throughout the day.. and maybe a task or two to send documents to the other departments. but this week so far had been a handful! Jess is back at work and she thought me quite a lot! i've started to make calls to her clients, updating them about the regional market status and all. i've never been any sweeter and friendlier than ever on the phone till now. okay.. maybe i did, at a few points of time in my life. but bottom line, it's an experience. work's kinda P&C so i cant say much. =/ everything's pretty much alright. nothing to complain about just yet, though i'm not very fond of the working hours! 8am to 6:15pm =( but on the brighter side, my lunch break can stretch up to an hour and a half when the KLSE closes for the lunch break! whee~

updates till here aight?

my bed and huggables are calling..

nighteyy =)

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