May 18, 2010

Channel 551

tonight had been somewhat interesting.. went for duck egg fried koay teow with my mac-tards and talked over dim sum.. aside from the ghey nonsense, among the things we discussed were on music, series and etc which made me ponder and evaluate more about myself. (i see the light.. lols) i come to realise that throughout the past 3 years, i've lost part of my personality.. when i was in a relationship, i somehow unconsciously evolved and moulded myself into someone else.. i'm talking in terms of hobbies, interest and likings to the point where i pushed aside my personal likings and instead adopted the likings of my partner. when it ended, same goes for the interest and likings to most of the things. but the problem would be figuring out where to pick up from then after. =/

you pick up nearly all your partner's interest and likings just so to be closer in hopes for more common grounds for communication. but how often can that certain activity/subject pop up on a daily basis to strengthen your relationship? your liking towards a certain thing because your other half likes it, serves no purpose in your life. you will just be living a life of a weed - a valueless wild plant. where's your backbone girl? where's your own stand? you only sway according to the direction of the wind. someone will come over one day with the pesticide and go, "ddddieee u nuisance~! DDIIIEEEEEEE! muahahahaha" lols

while chilling the other day over Jack Johnson's album made me realised that i used to love his music but then chucked aside cos, it wasnt to the boyfriend's liking/taste. my taste in music now is like, seriously boring. i only listen to what that is played on the radio.. no more Jem, Garbage, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, The Rasmus, My Chemical Romance etc... all forgotten. even my all time favourite japanese band, L`Arc-en-Ciel.. chucked and abandoned in the back of the garbage dump. well, at least i'm back to James Morrison.. =) *shrugs*

an even more obvious thing would be none other than, blogging. oh well, slowly picking back up from where i last dropped off.

photo of the week with the mac-tards:

the perfect combination

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