April 25, 2010

the things which i confuse myself with

  1. whether i'm considered an asian or not.
    - i'm suppose to be Chinese so i should be able to know how to read, write and speak in the chinese language. but apparently, i've only mastered an insignificant fragment of it. besides that, asian girls are generally known to be short and petite, which i'm not. though the younger generations have outgrown that stereotype and are now lanky and thin, but again, i'm not. so hence, the confused asian i am.

  2. whether i'm a sucker for romance making me no different from the general delusional female population.
    -yes, i'm referring to the twilight saga. isnt it normal for girls to go all soft and melt-y NOT at the sight of Robert Patz or Taylor Lutner's hot bod in the second movie, New Moon, but the actual gist of how romantic the storyline is? i actually "melt" and put myself into that delusional state as i read those books. i understand how different reality can be from what that is portrayed in twilight. so okay, let's set aside vampires, werewolves and all, being more realistic. take P.S. I Love You instead, i cried like hell watching that movie. but i doubt anything can even possibly be planned that perfectly in real life. the thoughtfulness and sweetness of a guy was shown to be at that top maximum level, which is of course to me, non-existent in reality. ahh Gerald Butler.. me loikey his irishh accent! so, delusional or not?

  3. being 6659.52 kilometers away or being distant in another way?
    - pei pei darling said it's unofficial. wtf. and made a decision for me. =S har. i dont get it hence, the confusion. i dont want to think about it but i keep confusing myself with it. meh.

    basically, i'm confusing myself with unnecessary non-substantial stuff.


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