April 25, 2010

i think i dont wanna grow up

as i get older, i learn to view a lot of things in a different perspective. i start to notice more on the small details in life; how much i'm blessed on a daily basis, how much my dearest parents shower me with unconditional love even when i'm already nearly the age of 23! i will always be their little amy girl in their eyes. while as much as brother dearest rarely shows that he cares, deep down he still does. some things doesnt need to be said upfront. amy's thankful because she nearly always gets what she wants =) NOTE: it's because amy dont always ask for stuff. i may be spoilt as the youngest child in a way but i'm certainly not a brat! =P

daddy's been very lenient and understanding for quite some time now. i guess as much as he has always wanted his amy girl to be a tough cookie, he realised that she's still vulnerable in being hurt and helpless. one thing i learned is that parents know best. they will always be there to guide and support you without a doubt, in which i'm glad that i could, like how facebook puts it, "re-connect with" my parents. ♥

the past few days spent back home had been great! brings back so much childhood memories on how i would just sit and stare at the tv while bro plays his PS for hours, pestering korkor day in day out, to get me stuff *grin*, doing stupid lame things and running around the house screaming like a brat... (ok, maybe this is whee bit exaggerated. i've toned down a lot and well, you all get what i mean.. lol) all in all, the princess is glad she's finally back home for good, for now.

on a random discussion, does anyone have any idea on how to differentiate local chinese girls with those from China? any particular facial structure or features that actually defines if one is from China or not? i know this may be stereotyping and the local chinese here in Malaysia are somewhat originated from China, but it is still differentiate-able right? i've been mistaken as a korean for a couple of times before. okay la.. i understand the small eyed, flat long face of the koreans which i have.. but recently, it's CHINA. *rolls eyes* China? i've been mistaken as a China girl not once, but TWICE! with AND without makeup. meh. is that suppose to be a compliment? cos i find it more of an insult. sad to say, i can only relate the China girls here as those who contribute to the service sector of a country's Gross National Product (GNP), which apparently is not recognised here in Malaysia. in non-economical terms, prostitutes. mind me for stereotyping again but generally, majority of them here are. now this is even more depressing. cos now i'm classified, slutty. sigh. =( i should start starving myself so that my flat long face becomes prominent again. haha

the China girl says hi.

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