April 05, 2010


after all these years, it's now my turn to go through the 'freak magnet' phase. yes, nian, ann and shuen, it's time to laugh and be amazed with my story. lols

"hey i'll b goin off9 once dis msg is sent,i jus wish 2 say sorry coz was disturbin u since i start talkin to u..juz to tell u sumthin..i had a crush on u since high school..bt u was wif him bac thn..so i dun hv da guts 2 say...bt since i noe u not wif him nimore..i was hopin 2 noe u btr..but i guess i was wrong wif my actions..i felt lik i'm botherin u...bt gotta tell u dis...luv ya so much bb baby"
oh mee gawd.. it seriously just gives me goosebumps. there's more but this is the worse. let's hope this is the first and last one. i dont wanna be a permanent freak magnet! *shivers* eww.. lols


*gasp* i'm somewhat being stalked. @.@ H-E-L-P.

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