May 12, 2010

May thus far

-WARNING : long post ahead-

it has been 3 weeks since i'm back from uni! feels good to be home! =) i kicked start the month of May with a part time weekend job to get myself back in tuned to the working life and also to fill my pockets! $$$ so, the job was to get people to take the free BMI test and also obviously to promote the company's product. (see pic below for more details) one word of advise for everyone out there, please please please for goodness sake, dont buy/drink anything from those electric freezing dispensers. the ones with a churning plate in the middle, stirring the drinks throughout the whole day. you have no idea how dirty it actually is! yucks!

yen & i

and oh! i dont like the uniform especially the puffed up sleeves.. sooo wrong i tell you.. makes me look even 'puffed' up =/ me likey the scarf though, cos it reminds me of my choir days i actually prefer to promote property than other products because there isnt a quota to fill and your potential customers are actually scaled down. but sadly, i lost my contacts =( oh well, i did enjoyed my days working with Jen for Sunway =)

well, out of all the part time jobs i've had, i can now conclude that, may it be promoting real estates or milk powder, i attract freaks! =.=" dont think i wanna elaborate more on the freakish encounters. bottom line, freak-magnet alert! (ask me in person and i shall entertain you with my stories. LOL) no wonder my seniors always had this impression that i'm like some protected endangered species that should be kept at home! hahahaha i'm serious! that was the exact translation of what they said in mandarin. whatever that i know or can do somehow amuses the people/friends in university..

when i say, i bake
they give me this look, O.o
while when i say, i do house chores
as predicted, O.O
if i continue on by saying that, i ride the bike,
that's when i get the longest unbelievable 'RRRRRRrrrrrrreeeEEEaaaaAAAAAALLLLLllyyyYYYYYYYYY???????' ever! as if i just told u that i like to go out commando like how Britney does it ;) LMAO

it's like i'm from a circus or a carnival. Now, behold~!

*drum roll*

, the freak.

applause la can or not.. hahaa..

ANYWAYS, now for some bits and pieces of my birthday week.

xiao mei & i, len shen & i, my adorable khim & i

a few of my unimates were around in Penang so they took me out for lunch at a small restaurant in Gurney (i forgot the name.. lol) pretty nice place.. i like the decorations but it's a little overly done. the food? ok larr but a whee bit pricey for the pretty simple food they serve. we then head off to red box and i had a bit of my screaming session working, though most of the songs chosen were mandarin ones.. =/ but still, enjoyable =) at the end of that day, they surprised me with a gift and a slice of oreo cheesecake hidden in my car.. =) a toy schnauzer doggy which i thought was a koala bear at first from the colour of it. lol

i spent the whole week with yen, hopping from one mall to another, hunting for a maxi dress, shoe shopping and got my nails painted - French manicure as always =) a week of blissful pampering, but the most exciting part of my week was the first few beginning hours of my day! i got home from a midnight movie and found a Country Hide paper bag on my dressing table.

hmm.. a gift from brother dearest.. that's rare.. so i was expecting something leathery since that's the only thing Country Hide sells.. from the size of the package, maybe a wallet? a small purse? the eager me then quickly unbound the ribbon off and opened the paper bag. there was this transparent casing, like those old radio cassette tape boxes, only bigger wrapped round with another blue ribbon tied nicely into a bow. my head totally could not register what it was so i took it out and stared at it for a few seconds. when it finally hit me, i realised it was...

an iPod Touch!!!

the thing that i have been bugging and pestering my brother for the past 2 weeks! (though i did mention and bugged him awhile about it before more than a year ago.. lol) knowing my brother's nature and all, i never actually expect him to buy it for me. but being the annoying younger sister, it is my nature to enjoy pestering and bugging him about something, may it be stupid or not! =P words cannot describe how damn happy i was the moment i realised it was my long-awaited touchy! whee~
me ♥ my brother to bits!
korkor dearest & i, 2007
though the rest of the day was a bit screwy - a lot of last minute plan cancellations and all =/, thankfully, on-the-spot plan Bs' turn out pretty well.. had lunch with yen and ekun instead, dinner with mum and bro at Cititel and chilled with a few good company at night.. i guess like what they say, the higher your expectation, the greater the disappointment. in which i couldnt agree more.. my brother's present is by far the only thing that has ever really caught me by surprise and the feeling is just, priceless =)

the next day was then spent over at the lee's.. talked loads over lunch and hanged around the house playing with the dogs..

naughty bubu and big boy charlie

a week nicely spent with close ones =)

eek! i'm 23 now =/

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