May 31, 2010

Artsy Fartsy Party

a thursday night had never been this crazy.

so i attended the Hennessy Artistry Party which was held at QEII. much thanks to joycey for getting us free passes from the Hennessy contest she won. the event is just like any other red carpet thingy, somewhat like the Smirnoff ManU after party i attended in KL last year, all glam-ed with the event backdrop for you to pose for the row of shutterbugs with their big ass cameras, several interactive booths for mixing alcohol, visual lights and sounds, performances by Summer Daniels & DJ Tempo of Speaker Junkies, Joe Flizzow & Sona One, Ad Bangers (Summer Daniels is just smoking hot! i'd say a younger version of fergie) and most importantly, the free flow of Hennessy all night long! though our normal passes only allowed free flow of drinks till 11pm, their supply of Hennessy for the event went dry by 11:30pm! penangnites are alcoholics or what?

A first for QEII, the place was jam packed! lol it was as if the usual weekly crowd of UPR turned up for the event. so many many many familiar faces all seen in one night! the partying was a lil more Kay-elle style i suppose.. with fusion house mix numbers, a somewhat little different experience but the sucky part would be the sudden stop of electric supply by 1-ish. so we left and gossiped over mamak before heading home.

strike a pose babes

joycey and i

stalk me on FB, more photos there. lols

till then,
internship starts tomorrow =/


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