May 21, 2010

when the tables turn

so it's a mutual understanding in between two individuals which not everyone can tell. i share a couple of these mutual understandings but it doesnt make me any smarter in knowing how to identify one. you dont ask, you wont know. but what not known does not hurt. i shall not satisfy someone's curiosity for the sake of satisfying mine. ;)

but i'm still curious! meh. other people's emotions or how i interpret them are starting to affect me again.. sometimes i just wish that my brains arent that hardworking and rather take a leave or two.. that department has overworked! i cannot afford to pay OT wages to 'em.. =( i just took a whole load off and finally successfully flushed them down the loo.. so be good and stop thinking about non-substantial stuff can? =/

Anyways, the past few days had been pretty random.. from hiking up to 84 to movies and to chilling sessions.. time is passing by so fast that it's only a week and a half till my internship starts! *frowns* i havent even started baking yet! *double frowns* time to stock up on baking ingredients and burn the kitchen down! green tea konnyaku jellies, anyone?

cos she's just ... afraid.

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