May 29, 2010

living in a nutshell

last monday had been.. well, eventful? i somewhat experienced a summary of the past 10 years of my life in a day.

to be honest, the day didnt started out well. instead, it started out with the worse point of my life. i was woken up at 7-ish in the morning by a phone call from yen, asking if i had received ming's messages but i was too tired the night before to actually realise that ming did sent 2 messages around 2am. the moment i read her messages, i knew something was not right with the first thought in my head - death. millions of flashbacks and thoughts then came rushing to my head. i couldnt function. i just laid down and kept telling myself that it isnt anything serious as i waited for a reply from ming. but deep down at the back of my head, i was somehow convinced that it was news about someones death. ming then confirmed that Noorhasmida, aka bulat passed away in an accident. another accident. flashbacks kept running through my head, like a playback of a recorded video, of the very first moment to the very last hour of the tormenting week of Nian's passing.

Ming, Yen and i then went to the funeral the morning itself. walking in to see her face for the last time was horrible. every step i took as we approached her coffin reminded me of that every step sonia, jien ann and i took as we draw near to Nian's house with our hands held tightly to each others. that heavy hurting feeling in the heart, as if someone had my heart squeezed up like a stress ball, came back again. we didnt stay long and headed to stock on baking needs after dropping yen at MBS. i needed something to take my mind off things. what else better than to do the things that you love?

so i finally bought my green tea powder but ended up baking brownies and dipping strawberries in chocolate, aside from making the green tea konnyaku jellies all in one afternoon. i know.. crazy.. sometimes i just need some pushing to get me going.. baking, sewing, surprises and all used to be for love. now, baking is a passion and also for, business ;)

after the non-stop hustle bustle in the kitchen, it was time to head up to the apartment to get ready for the steamboat gathering of the sixth formers. it was a bit disappointing at first having to prepare for the gathering alone, like a hired organizer. =/ but thankfully, numerous calls came in right on time, offering a hand or two. grocery shopping had never been this entertaining, random and fun. it reminded me on what i love about attending form 6, the endless fun and great company. an initial plan of a steamboat party ended up into a steamboat AND deep fried party. the girls were preparing the food for the steamboat while the boys were testing out their deep-frying skills. for one moment, it was as if i was organizing a "kitchen for dummies" session. lols



yen & i with the green tea jellies

a group photo for the record
the jellies werent a big hit though.. hmm. i'd say green tea is also another acquired taste. not many actually enjoy it.. but me likey it =) it actually didnt turn out like the kind i had at a japanese restaurant.. that one was amaaazing..

after food was the usual gambling session for the boys and pillow talks for the girls ♥ though the girls only consisted of yen, gini and i, we did a lot of catching up and talking about the good ol' days back in MGS. when stories from different sides were finally told and all sorts of gossips! and most importantly, about my favourite "subject" throughout high school *grins* those were the days ^^

on another note, i've been putting some thought on my baking.. how to put it to good use to fund for my shopping sprees and pampering.. lol and with encouragement and suggestions from yen, i think i'm going to start small, taking it as a part time thingy for the mean time.. so watch out for it on fb alrite =)

they called it, "Amy's G-spot Brownies" hahaaa

made with ♥

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