July 11, 2011

speak now or forever hold your peace

it was a dramatic nightmare.

i had a mission - to crash the wedding ceremony of someone specific. (i know it sounds weird, but yeah. it was a nightmare, idk why myself.)

it started out very sudden, i was changing into a stunning gown with simple makeup and hair already done. then as i stepped out, i was already at the wedding reception. the setting and decorations seemed like any other English garden reception, all white and green with flowers and balloons all over. certain details were so real that i could remember them clearly, i was donned in a neat feathered corset dress with a long flowy chiffon bottom in light pink among the other guests who were decently dressed. i knew in my head that it wasnt my wedding but instead it was of these two people whom i know. i was obviously over dressed. something like what you'd see on the red carpet, very dramatic. (HAHA) something like this, but a full-length bottom without the tail version of it:

but what i remembered most was searching frantically for the groom. in the midst of searching, a lady finally approached me, stressing that i must find the groom to talk to him as soon as possible. to add on to the weird drama, i could literally hear MLTR's 25 Minutes playing as i was aimlessly looking around while the rest of the guests paid no attention to me. (it has been ages i last heard any of MLTR's songs ever since i think i was a little girl, singing to their songs in the showers. lol) it felt so stressful and frightening just to look for the groom. as my heart races with each glance of the room filled with a sea of people.

i then suddenly woke up from the fright without even having a single glimpse of neither the groom nor the bride throughout that whole dream continuum. i failed my mission. lol this is probably the first ever non-horror nightmare i've ever had apart from those deaths of family members, childhood friend and loosing my teeth! (no kidding..) though a number of my weird dreams did come true, till to this very day. one of it came true just about half a year ago! =X oh craps. i'm doomed. i might gonna be a wedding pooper. but oh well, at least i'm going to do it in style! it seriously was a helluva fantabulous gown!

so now, any dream interpreters out there who can help solve what mystery that lies behind this horrid nightmare of mine? however the continuing day didnt actually serve up any good news on my table. hmm.. a sign?


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