September 12, 2013


Every species evolve to adapt to the ever changing harsh environment we are in, change is constant for survival, for sure. Looking back how the past few years had moulded me to become what or who I am today was a novel by itself and always bound to stir up an emotion or two.

Things change. Situations change. Bonds change.

Acceptance. The last, hardest and longest stage of the whole process. The stage that draws out denial from reality for good. That stage where you finally let it all go, the emotional burden that you had been carrying around. Sometimes I wonder, am I an emotional addict? Or am I just that afraid of what lies beyond this edge I've grown so comfortable to and still holding on to? "Indulging" myself with playbacks of those incidents like an old black and white video tape at the back of my head when the thought occurs, doesnt erase or take away the exact pain I had felt before. It is undeniable that things happened but to only accept & hope that things will get better from then on.

I had a combo-hit through those years.

Builds strength and character? I suppose it does. Part and parcle of life, of evolving emotionally and mentally, of growing up.

Its a phase, one that needs to be over and done with.