December 31, 2009

and so, we bid farewell to 2009

it seems that the years keep passing by faster and faster. it's like God decided to hit the fast forward button like what i would usually do while playing the Sims. (yes, i still play that game once in awhile =P) it was just like yesterday when we celebrated Chinese New Year and i seriously have no recollections on my 22nd birthday. 2009 has been like a mush.. i can vaguely remember bits and pieces to it but it's just all somewhat mushed up. bad year i suppose.. lol this year has been an exceptionally fast one, but i'm looking forward to 2010!

well, not the part when i'm in uni of course.. this would be the first time i'm actually looking forward to be done with uni. i hate the place and seriously have regrets going there. people are still asking me why did i chose to go there. i used to find joy in explaining to them cos i knew what were my priorities back then. but now i come to realise how silly i was. i guess when we're young, we tend to mix up our priorities. that's when parents come in to help sort them out, but being the rebel we were, we never listened. i'd just have to make the best out of the final semester then. a challenge for the new year.

so a lil sneak peak of what i'll be going through in the coming year. i'll be undergoing my internship training in OSK investment back home in penang. funny thing is dear soochie's mom was the one who was handling my application. penang is seriously tiny.. lol i just cant wait! it'll be a whole new experience. learning new stuff and meeting new faces =)

next on the to do list in year 2010,
  • go new places! whee~ =)

till then, time to prepare my resolution list!



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