February 04, 2010


today is a day to be remembered, seriously. i had my first clean sweep through every floor of the 4-storey university library for the very first time considering the fact that i'm already in my last semester. i even borrowed 2 books non-related to assignments or whatsoever that i'm studying! yes i know, be amazed. LOL well, apparently i've been hearing numerous comments throughout the semesters on how complete our library is, having one of the best collections among the rest of the local universities. so yeah, i decided to check it out myself since i finally have to do some real research for my assignment.

i was actually quite impressed with the near complete collection of journals in all fields of study, dating back to the 18th century. but i'd say it would be perfect if they are actually able to update and get hold of those from the more recent years, at most till year 2008? the latest one i could find for my assignment was from year 2006. we're already in year 2010. =.=" well aside from that, i'd say they have a decent range of books on social sciences, law and etc. but relatively, they have a wider range of books on business. i guess they have a standard to keep up with considering the fact that the uni is trying to promote their business school. the fictional section on the other hand, is just so... saddening. only about 3-4 short isles filled with seriously outdated books. i didnt find interest in them so i didnt even bother to peek but i could tell by the looks of the condition of those poor books.

apart from that, i did come across a number of interesting books like an autobiography of Shirley Temple Black - the Child Star, true stories of the Marilyn Monroe case, and even a collection of psychotic mental disorder books which includes anorexia, trauma and etc. not forgetting the all-time famous books for dummies. i was actually more interested in books on baking and interior decorating. but sad to say, i was a little disappointed. not only were those books terribly outdated, but also the size of those sections were so small! they only had one shelf of books on interior decorating while only 2 shelves on baking and cooking put together! sigh.

on a brighter note, out of those 2 pathetic shelves, i managed to find this! *grins*

52 recipes on cookies which includes white chocolate and dried cranberry cookies, fudge-topped toffee cookies, cream cheese cookies and many more mouth-watering ones! yumms.. perfect timing for the coming chinese new year. =)

while this is the other book i borrowed:

something that doesnt really describe me, i just dont like making decisions. but there's something to it which i find very interesting and true while flipping through the pages. i got this from the preface:
"... difficulty with decisions complicates all aspects of our lives. It blocks emotional growth and development, leads to multiple failures - especially in relationships - and contributes to the repression of feelings, sowing the seeds of poor health."
i couldnt agree more! i used to know someone who seriously, desperately needs to read this book. but oh well, no harm for me to gain more knowledge as well =)
but for now, it's back to business. my assignments are wailing. i can hear them in sync chanting, "stop procrastinating, time to start working!" lols.

i cant wait to get back and start baking! whee~

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