January 18, 2010

you made my day =)

amazing how words from a total stranger can sound so convincing compared to the exact same words being poured out endlessly from people close to you.

from a conversation of how many packets of rice i'd like to order, diverted to my tongue piercing and to my relationship status. funny.. like what they always say, food brings people together. well, i think i'd have to agree on that. LOL

i finally received the best compliment or more like the only compliment which doesnt sound like, "*loud gasp* / OMG / is it painful?? / WwhhhhYYYyy???/*O.o*" or apart from those who are just curious how it would feel like making out with a girl with a pierced tongue. bleargh. lol the first thing that popped out was, "i like your tongue piercing *thumbs up*, this is what you call sexy."

"dont worry! there are loads of people out there who wants you." =)

on another note, bumping into long lost friends, like people whom you knew for ages ever since you were young but somehow lost touch is interesting. you start to hear embarrassing stories of yourself which you probably did not want to remember, digging up secrets and finally knowing the truth to some long lost mysteries and just talking about how much we've changed. brings back so much childhood memories of the craziest bunch i've ever met. good times =)

papa said, "it's a good thing that you see the true colours now, it was actually all fake."

oh well..

watch out peepo! i'm bringing sexy back~! lols

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