January 31, 2010

Bad Romance

believe it or not, January's over.. time is passing by that fast! and it seems to get faster as the years go by.. =( i dont want this year to be another mushed up "swooOosh" year.. though i'd love to have that handy fast forward button just to get through with certain stuff.. but still, i want to go through year 2010 to the fullest, appreciating all of God's creation and blessings.

the end of January also marks my beloved ming's birthday!

Happy Birthday Love!

i somehow *heart* this pic a lot =)

i'm sorry i couldnt make time to celebrate it with you. the busy woman was dealing with issues, mind her. i'll make it up to you aight? *hugs*

on a random note, am so hooked to lady gaga's songs.. ann says lady gaga will be having a concert in aussie.. i wish i could go =( for an eccentric person with very peculiar taste in fashion and style, there's something about her songs that makes them such a hit..

oh well, i guess it's all about being fabulous in your own way ;)

J'veux ton amour

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