August 14, 2011

Amy Fong's Thursday

no, i'm not going to write down a repetitious set of lyrics about the 7 days of the week, what i do on Thursdays and why this particular day of the week is special. neither is this post going to get more than 20 views throughout the existence of this blog for it's educational content and meaningful purpose. (HAHA)

however, i shall not make this post too personal, just my two cents. therefore, ignore-able. lol

**WARNING: boring post ahead.

well, i must admit i'm still very much shielded from the true world out there by my parents, and also partly from my own ignorance, in my own nutshell.

there are so much more things in life to think about, to worry of and to focus on for survival. most of them are provided for and covered by my parents all these years (and still at times), as such i tend to dwell on those little petty things which i turn into major parts of my life through a goldfish's view. i wont say it was all a waste of time, what matters most is the life lessons and knowledge i had gained from it.

like i've said before and will say it again, "Thursday's child has far to go."

a lot of people find it hard to interpret this particular verse of the folk rhyme. whether a Thursday's child will go far (succeed) in life or will lead a life filled with many challenges instead. in my books, the latter. i need to put the extra effort to catch up with the other children, in simple terms - slow learner. i may have the ability to pick up certain skills and learn things just through observation, but most life lessons are never taught in books or hardly discovered by mere observation without acknowledging its existence.

a simple chat from random odd topics tonight turned out to be very thought provoking. how a fine line separates survival from defying principles. a number of these are known to me but never put to practical use or even ever crossed my mind. what i realized is that these are basically very much like the theories and philosophies of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Simple but yet so true, unlike economic theories filled with assumptions. (HAHA)

life is definitely a never ending learning process in which i have learned to find it rather intriguing. ironic isn't it? ^^

though i sometimes do wish i can do better than this pace, not being bounded by that Thursday's spell. LOL

it's Thursday~ Thursday~ gotta get down on Thursday!


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