September 22, 2011

Waiting for the break of dawn

of all kinds of sappy love songs out there, i still find the Indonesian bands very well mastered in this genre. it's amazing how just the 4 piece band is able to create these sad melodic rhythm filled with emotions in it. my all-time favourite Indon band will definitely be PeterPan! and of course a few numbers from Andra and The Backbone, Ungu and Sheila on 7. i no longer keep up with all of their latest hits or whatsoever anymore as my "indon phase" obviously was over judging by the type of bands i listen to.

i personally like how their lyrics touch your heart, simple but yet true lyrics you can connect and relate to. how it makes your heart literally tremble the moment you hear the first phrase of the introduction, with incoherent flashbacks being played at the back of your head like the screening of a black and white movie in the 40's, while unknowingly, you mumble out every single word of the lyrics with emotions. i guess how these songs still fill me up with tearful emotions was cos they were (dumbly) put on a repeated playlist being played for a period of time at my lowest second lowest point in life.

loved once, love lost.


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