July 12, 2010

she finally got scolded

cos he believes it's about time for her to come to her senses so she needs to stop reasoning with herself.

there is no reason for her to cry. she just needs to do what she knows is best for her, just live LIFE happy. =)

anyways, what's new and most talked about? it's none other than the 2010 World Cup. yea, amazingly i watched through the whole final match with a few great company over burgers and juices even though i had work the next morning at 8am! (i nearly missed work from oversleeping! lol) so it was down to Netherlands (NED) and Spain. i was rooting for NED cos i just wanted to go against what PAUL, the "psychic octopus" predicted. me no likey the fact that PAUL chose Spain over Germany for the win in the quarter finals match! (even though the prediction was right) still, a traitor!!!! you were bred and apparently a PR in Germany! you even got your name from a German children's poem - Der Tintenfisch Paul Oktopushow! how could you!!?? LOL so, as expected, i did my part in carrying out MISSION: essen Tintenfisch (hint: it's in German), the very next day after Germany's lost to Spain! well, the mission sidetracked a bit, not the main aim but still under one of the sub-missions.

back to the finals match, i nearly had a cardiac arrest! my heart stopped beating for a second or two each time either one of them tried to score a goal. the match was so intense! and even before half time, i was already pissed with that baldy referee. IMO, he was more concerned on giving out yellow cards than actually supervising the game play and his judgements seem kinda bias. i'm not saying the NED players didnt deserve those yellow cards for those who actually did hurt the Spain players unintentionally or not. but some of the "accidents" arent even their fault! i remember seeing a replay of one of those mishaps which clearly showed that the NED player came in contact with the opposition's upper part of the body, like the arm or something. BUT apparently, the Spain "victim" ended up rolling on the field like the rolie polie olies, with a devastating-worse-than-labour-pain expression on his face while his hands gripped tightly onto his, LEG! the heck?! it didnt happened once okay.. most of the yellow cards given to the NED were from those dramatic acts by the Spaniards! so drama.. like very severe sufferers of ADHD! pfftt. the best actors are found on the field. haahaa

but oh well, it was worth the watch. intensified entertainment!

so now that the World Cup is over, work is going to be hectic! now time to catch up on my sleep.

nights peeps.

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