February 11, 2010

fairytales do come true!

was up and about with the usual spring cleaning routine when i got bored and decided to turn on the house pc and just surf around the numerous favourite links i frequently browsed back in high school. stumbled upon xiaxue's blog and came across the sweetest true love story i've ever read, here. how two total strangers from different sides of the world (well, sort of) came together. how Mike, xiaxue's fiancé, took that bold chance of meeting the girl of his dreams and now they are happily engaged. i think angmohs are more romantic lor.. haha. asian guys are just so... cinapek? no wonder romantic novels and such are written by whites. lols

the proposal video:

i teared watching that vid. i dont know why but i just did.

but the bottom line is, FAIRYTALES DO COME TRUE!! =)

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