February 25, 2010

u make me smile like the sun

first thing's first, i'm back in uni. the good part of it is, apparently i'm not "emo" about it. the bad part is that it suddenly struck to me that I HAVE HEAPS OF WORK TO DO. which also means i cant even go home this weekend even though it's a long weekend off! but i guess i can at least spend more time with my uni friends since it's the last semester i'll ever see or even get to know them better. i've been up and about ever since i got back. but yet, i'm taking my own sweet time here, blogging. lol

embrace yourself people, i've turned over a new leaf. lols it seems to me that my tolerance level just climbed up a few notches. may it be for alcohol or just being patient. okay, i'm referring more on the latter. we shall discuss more about the former on another day. lol the past few days had been, pleasant. i wasnt stressed up over the pile of work load waiting for me, neither did i get agitated with the other drivers on the road while driving back to uni (and amazingly i didnt even went more than 120 km/h), nor to the fact that i cant even have my dear lappie turned on for more than 10 minutes before it decides to act spastic over and over again.

bottom line, i was and still am in a good mood.

to the point where i can laugh and smile at my own silly-ness rather than get all worked up with myself. me likey =) yes, i have been very very silly these days. i just spent an hour walking in circles trying to find a non-existent room of the wrong faculty. i swear, i could have just burst into tears if someone were to taunt me right at that moment. lols

my facial muscles are soon going into a spasm and will be stuck in that position if i continue to smile like an idiot all day long.

i better head off with my work. the upcoming 3 weeks will be a blast. shoot.

2 more hours. 120 more minutes. 7200 more seconds. =(

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